Art e-Facts 9

The term Neo-Dada is associated with the work of artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. The term was first applied, in an un-attributed comment, in a 1958 issue of the American magazine Artnews .

The term refers to two aspects of the early 20th Century Dada movement. Firstly there was the connection through the use of ‘found’ objects and junk to create combines – which are hybrid painting – sculptures – which can be seen in the work of Rauschenberg and Schwitters and secondly there is the Dada-like sense of paradox and ambiguity which can be seen in the paintings of Jasper John with his use of numbers, maps, targets that fill the canvas.

Neo-Dada provided a bridge between abstract expressionism and pop art.

Courtesy of D. McLachlan.

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