Art e-Facts 12

In spring of 2004, Rachel Whiteread was offered the annual Unileve Series commision toproduce a piece for the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. However, she delayes th acceptance for 5 to 6 months until she was confident she could conceive a work to fill the space.

In 1993. the band, KLF announced they would award the Turner Prize winner of that year £40,000 for the worst artwork. This award was significantly more than the £20,000 Turner prize award. Whiteread was awarded both these prizes. She initially refused to collect the KLF prize, but when they threated to perform a live burning of the money should it remain unclaimed, Whiteread collected the prize and donnated the £40,000 award to charity.

Courtesy of J. Duffy & C. Woods.

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