Art e-Facts 17


German artist Rebecca Horn’s practice involves Installations, performance art, body extensions/ sculpture, kinetic / mechanised sculpture, poetry, books and film.

Her work draws parallels between the body as object and human emotion as non-linear narrative, which stems from working whilst bedridden with severe ill health in her early 20’s. Her work repeatedly asks the question “ who gets to make the truth within our culture?’ and are markers or mythological metaphors of “human truths”.

The Installations are often conceptually, aesthetically and emotionally site – specific, often being informed from her own experiences as an invalid, female artist and young German growing up in the wake of WWII for example “ Concert for Buchenwald”.

Horn utilises an extensive range of media including, feathers, masks, strapping and restraints, musical instruments and coloured pencils, She literally draws with her head!

The Video below shows Horn cutting her hair.

Courtesy: N. Manning

2 thoughts

  1. I have to say that, I like the concept but I found watching the video quite difficult. I think mainly because of her hard back stare and she seems to maintain a look of no emotion but creates an emotion within the viewer…I find this disturbing.

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