Art e-Facts 20


Gilbert & George place themselves, their thoughts and their feelings at the centre of their art, and almost all of the images they use are gathered within walking distance of their home in London’s East End. Yet their pictures capture a broad human experience, encompassing an astonishing range of emotions and themes, from rural idylls to gritty images of a decaying London; from fantastical brightly-coloured panoramas to raw examinations of humanity stripped bare; from sex advertisements to religious fundamentalism.

2 thoughts

  1. My girlfriend was just down in London and she reported on the current exhibition of Gilbert & Geroge at the Tate. She personally found some of the images quite “nasty”. I kind of agree with her but, it has usually been woman “exposed” in the art world so its interesting to see the other side but, some of the imagery is quite distasteful.

    Not that I disagree with it though!

    Although, I stress that I would need to see the work properly to contribute a proper opinion.

  2. I have to admit i never liked gilbert & george, i always found it a little bit ‘shoking for the sake of it’ but, the more i look into it and the more i read about them, the more i, at the very least, admire the way they try and push the boundaries and approach what they want to do from different angles.

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