Art e-Facts 23

Aberdeen born Michael Clark (1962) is one of the worlds leading contemporary Dancers and Choreographers. He was classically trained at the Royal ballet but was highly immersed and influential in the artistic club and sub culture of the 1980’s. His performances are highly visual and often have specific references to contemporary art, for example the projection of Andy Warhol’s “Liz” and “The Great Rock and Roll Swindle” by Julien Temple in the production of Mmm…

Clark choreographs pieces to an eclectic range of music including The Fall, Laibach, Wire, Public Image Ltd., Stephen Sondheim, Sex Pistols and Igor Stravinsky. His practice is often collaborative and he has worked closely with Video Artists, Fashion Designers and Musicians including Charles Atlas, Leigh Bowery, Trojan, Bodymap, Sarah Lucas, The Anthony D’Offay Gallery and Mark e Smith and the Fall.

Courtesy: N. Manning

2 thoughts

  1. Ok, what the Hell was that about? was the woman in red meant to be the cause of the convulsions…and what about the poor guy that was made to pee… that was some freaky shit!

    Nice sound effects…I think!

  2. Wasnt very keen on that at all to bo honest, i dont really think its aged very well, it looked REALLY eighties!!!dont think the soft focus really helped either, and it was loooooong, didnt hold my attention in the right way!

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