Art e-Facts 39


Alison Watt was born in Greenock in 1965 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art from 1983 to 1988. She gained early recognition as a painter, winning the National Portrait Gallery’s annual award as a student, then a commission to paint the Queen Mother’s portrait in 1989. Inspired by the nineteenth century painter Ingres, Watt’s portraits often focus upon the drapery which is traditionally used as a backdrop for the sitter. In her recent large-scale works, the human figure is entirely absent, allowing the texture and folds of the fabric to take centre stage.


8 thoughts

  1. Not a comment as such but a challenge for you or your students to try and justify the ‘art’ of Two Cannibals Eating a Clown, by Damien Hirst and Angus Fairhurst. If anyone can explain why this is art and not two egotistical people acting like absolute morons. Surely this is just standard You Tube fodder. Actually substandard You Tube fodder.

  2. sorry, forgot to actually comment on the work! i like the idea that Watt has brought to the fore something that is most used as a background object, also appreciate the tonal quality in it, intend on researching more as i find the work she has done with the white cloth very intresting.

  3. I really like how the artist has taken such an overlooked, simple thing and brought such focus onto it. The cloth has such simplicity and detail which is really interesting. This style is hard to copy and the artist makes it look so easy. They have my respect!

  4. I like the realistic painting style of the fabric folds and paper and to focus on the background makes a change from seeing mainly the central figure centrally or in the foreground. It reminds me of a similar painting at the City Arts Centre recently of a large painting just of a piece of cloth and when you see it in front of you it is really impressive. Also reminds me of Consider the Lilies which I also really liked.

  5. I really love her work, when i first seen it i thought it was a photo!it looks so real,i feel like i could touch it!most people may think that a cloth is boaring to draw but if you look at it closley it can be a beautiful thing,complicated and detailed!love it!

  6. alyson watt i really like her design the way see uses the brush i think is really good she makes the fabric look so reel.

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