Art e-Facts 41

In 2006 the American artist Paul McCarthy transformed a London warehouse into a massive installation inspired by one of the most popular Disneyland rides Pirates of the Caribbean (and subsequently the Hollywood film).
‘The Caribbean Pirates Project’ was the result of a four year collaboration with his son Damon and consisted of drawings, sculptures, video works and large installations. The work was the centrepiece of his exhibition ‘La La Land Parody Paradise’ at the Whitechapel. The work has been described as being influenced by global capitalism as epitomised by the Disney corporation, and the US invasion of Iraq.
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One thought

  1. impressed by the idea, would love to see it for myself though because, as is always the case, i imagine it would be most appreciated actually being in the room as apose to photographs, moreso with it being an instillation.
    Sounds pretty mental though!

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