Art e-Facts 42

Chris Cunningham is internationally known for creating and directing music videos for artists such as Björk, Madonna, Portishead and Aphex Twin. In 1989, aged only 19 Cunningham was working on the satirical sketch show Spitting Image, sculpting character models, he later went to work as Stanley Kubricks head of animatronics and special effects for the feature film A.I.

In 2000 Cunningham exhibited Flex:

“…….a video which aims to awaken one’s senses through the sound of electronic music, unforgettable images of both sexual violence and breathtaking serenity”. Anthony d’Offay Gallery

Flex was shown for the first time in: Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art at the Royal Academy in London.

3 thoughts

  1. Like the fact the line is blurred between ‘art’ and ‘popular culture’, music videos are traditionally not overly inventive but Cunningham has injected a lot of style and often disturbing imagery into the music videos of his that i have seen. Particularly the Aphex Twin video for Come to daddy, havent net anyone that had an opinion on that one! I myself really liked it, but find it intresting when people say it was disturbing.

  2. Thought this video was pretty kool! specially as it goes through a range of different images at such a fast pace! i like the use of music along with the images.
    Its also kinda scary aswell.

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