Art e-Facts 46


In a career spanning more than six decades, the work of Louise Bourgeois encompasses the fields of sculpture and installation, painting, drawing, prints and illustrated books, which have been influenced strongly by autobiographical and psychological experiences as well as Surrealism. Born in Paris, Louise Bourgeois studied at various art schools and assisted in the tapestry restoration business of her father where she made drawings for restorations. With her husband, an art historian specializing in tribal arts, she moved to New York in 1938 and continued her studies at the Arts Students’ League in New York, before developing her complex and unique artistic work.


One thought

  1. i dont usually like sculpture work that much but i do love this her work is so diffrent it has kind of a scary yet wow you need to know more look about it the one with like the spiders just looks so amazing its like gothic yet looks like domething that you would find in some sort of sci fi film i think.

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