Art e-Facts 47

cn_andom_logo_dot.jpg cn_modell_zur_visualisierung.jpg

Carsten Nicolai is an artist and musician who lives and works in Germany. His work operates in the space in between art and science. His work operates to a very exacting minimalistic aesthetic utilising traditional sculptural and installation techniques in combination with sound and light elements.

A core influence of his practice has been sound and its inherent properties this lead to the formation of noton.archiv fur ton und nichtton (later to become raster-noton after joining with the record label Rastermusic). The record label focuses on releasing editions uniting sound and art design with a strong attention paid to scientific sequences. Carsten Nicolai also releases experimental electronic music under the title of Alva-Noto including recent collaborations with minimalist pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto and Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda.

Courtesy: onezeroprojects

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