Art e-Facts 48


In 1938, Willem de Kooning started his first series of Women, which would become a major recurrent theme. During the 1940s, he participated in group shows with other artists who would form the New York School and become known as Abstract Expressionists. De Kooning’s first solo show, which took place at the Egan Gallery, New York, in 1948, established his reputation as a major artist; it included a number of the allover black-and-white abstractions he had initiated in 1946. The Women of the early 1950s were followed by abstract urban landscapes, Parkways, rural landscapes, and, in the 1960s, a new group of Women.



2 thoughts

  1. I realy like the bold confident lines that Willem de Kooning used in his exhibition. Mixed with the bold colours used in his coloured pieces and the 3 dimensions, gives a strong emotion to his work.

  2. i love the way willem de kooning has paintied hie work its so eye catching with the bright colours and the fact that its so abstacrt just makes it so much more interesting it just really makes you think as to what he was thinking when painting his work and the use of line just makes it just so much more eye catching.

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