Art e-Facts 51


Glasgow born artist Ross Sinclair has described his work as “a lifetime project that aims to engage as wide an audience as possible in a dialogue around the paradoxical gaps between life as it is lived by a society of individuals, and the aspirations afforded by ‘spectacular life’ as we absorb it through mediated images of ourselves and everything around us – in other words, it’s ourselves alone versus the world.”

Sinclair’s ‘Real Life’ has been unfolding since 1994 when he had the words Real Life tattooed on his back confirming a lifetime commitment to the project. With works such as ‘Studio Real Life’, ‘Real Life Rocky Mountain’, ‘Dead Church/Real Life’ and ‘I Love Real Life’, Sinclair has sought to open a new space in which to observe and discuss our relationships with the institutional pillars that form the architecture of all our lives. By doing so he has slowly begun to construct a parallel vision of society and its component parts. His is a vision of the world, “not as it is, but as it could be.”

Have a look athe web site and see if you can score in the game of real life !!!!!!!

I got beat 6 – 1, Ed.

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