Planes Trains and Automobiles:

As the title suggests all manner of transport was engaged during our epic 11hr journey  via Amsterdam the most interesting of which was the unexpected Auto Bus journey  due to rail maintenance. Although caught unawares and slightly panicked all coped admirable particularly the pigeon Deutsche speakers who prevented us taking a 200 mile detour.  Top marks go to the youngest member of the group who despite it all remained in good cheer throughout. Finally we made it to our respective accommodation in central Munster, home for the next 5 days.

This would seem like an appropriate moment to introduce the members of the travel party.


From Let right: Lesley, Jenny, Nicola, Ben, Francesca, David, Colette & Rose.

The next week or so we hope to make as many posts as possible including photos of the works we encounter and keeping you up to date with goings on.



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