A Walk in the Park

As any parents among you will know, very small children do not like to follow the rules of vacation and needless to say some of us were up very early this morning. This allowed for leisurely breakfasts before the serious business of Art took hold. It must be noted that there is no shortage of information or free maps available to help the avid viewer negotiate their way around what is a fairly compact city centre, which contains the significant majority of the art works. So off to work with the odd pit stop for coffee, book buying and play parks. As you will see Ben was clearly hogging the best games in the play park. There is a lot of work to see and the specially designed map allows the viewer to locate not only works commissioned for the 2007 event but also several works still in existence from previous projects.

for information about each project and a the artist biography click on the artists name

Manfred Pernice:

pernice-dfanlage-yesu-1.jpg pernice-dfanlage-yesu-2.jpg pernice-dfanlage-yesu-3.jpg pernice-dfanlage-yesu-4.jpg pernice-dfanlage-yesu-5.jpg pernice-dfanlage-yesu-6.jpg pernice-dfanlage-yesu-7.jpg

Thomas Schütte:

thomas-schutte-model-for-a-museum.jpg thomas-schutte-model-for-a-museumdetail-1.jpg

Andreas Siekmann:

andreas-siekmann-trickle-down.jpg andreas-siekmann-trickle-down-detail.jpg

Iza Ganzken:

isa-genzken-untitled-detail.jpg isa-genzken-untitled-detail-1.jpg

Martha Rosler:

martha-rosler-unsettlingt-the-fragments-b.jpg martha-rosler-unsettlingt-the-fragments-a.jpg

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