Memory Lapse

Well it has just been one thing after another. Technical difficulties prevented daily blogging during the remainder of the trip and the plan was to upload a series of postings written while off line. Unfortunately the pen drive these were stored on has gone astray. This is hugely annoying as by far the best postings were on the drive including a rather witty description of a rather sweaty journey from Munster to Kassel in 37 degree heat and an incisive review of Munster Projects 2007.

I will not attempt to recreate these post but will summarise by saying the agreed highlights of Munster were; in no particular order:

Bruce Nauman:

nauman-munster.jpg nauman-munster-2.jpg nauma-munster-3.jpg

Manfred Pernice: (see previous post for images)

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster:

gonzalez-foerster-munster.jpg gonzalez-foerster-munster-2.jpg gonzalez-foerster-munster-3.jpg gonzalez-foerster-munster-4.jpg

Susan Philipsz: ( click on name for text and images )

Mike Kelley:

mike-kelley-munster.jpg mike-kelley-munster-2.jpg mike-kelley-munster-3.jpg

and of course the play park was a particular hit for some:



*next time Kassel and Documenta 12

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