Exhibition Opens Today 2-4pm all welcome



Exhibition Opens Today 2-4pm all welcome

North Edinburgh Arts Centre
15a Pennywell Court
Edinburgh EH4 4TZ

Runs til 2nd September
Thurs – Sat
10pm – 4pm


settlement | bay circles around ideas of dwelling and passing. The exhibition builds on ephemeral and yet repeating scenes seen from a bay window in Leith. Here you can see the poetry of flying plastic bags and tarmac boredom. Continuously murmuring sound comes from unknown neighbours (all artists maybe?) with their own thoughts, speeches and actions. Images become sculptures, sculptures become space and sound. Set off by the visitors’ presence the scenario will turn. Discover the recurring images and patterns, the loops, the déjà-vus. What do they tell you, these endlessly appearing ordinary moments? They are on the move…


Stefan Baumberger & Nicole Heidtke (~ in the fields),

Benjamin Fallon (onezeroprojects),

Jennie Temple

Christopher Walker

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