Episode IV: A New Hope



time from now

in a college not so far away

a new hope for art education is dawning.

At 09oohrs on Monday 27th of August 2007

the 1st ever students of the HND Contemporary Art Practice

will arrive at Edinburgh’s Telford College ready to do what needs to be done, to

rid the empire of banal art practices. Innovation and collaboration will ensure that light will

forever be cast into the darkest reaches of the creative universe. Tune in soon for Episode V: The Stuckists Strike Back.




One thought

  1. Ah yes – but they are not Jedis yet. Indeed it is, as yet, undecided whether they have what it takes to get on the ladder of being a Jedi.

    Remember the second prequel – there could be a Jar Jar Binks ! That would ruin the analogy somewhat, don’t you think.

    Crowing – wonder what that means?……

    A Master.

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