Art e-Facts 65


Liam Gillicks’ practice is informed by perceived models of communication and the spaces that this takes place, under the conditions of ‘late’ capitalism. His work takes in writing, installation, film, design and curating acknowledging no division between any of these processes. He sees the discussion surrounding his work and the potentials for human interaction within his specifically designed spaces as potentially more important than the specific objects He states, somewhat flippantly, that his work would maybe be better viewed with your back to it. He appropriates the forms of corporate office architecture combining this with a reinvigoration of 60’s minimalist aesthetics.

He gained recognition in the 90’s as a minor player in the YBA movement and is now widely recognised as part of the Relational Aesthetic movement, written about extensively by Nicolas Bourriaud and working closely with Phillippe Parrenno, Pierre Huyghe and Rikrit Tiravinija. He has exhibited widely and in 2002 was nominated for the Turner Prize eventually losing to Keith Tyson.

JRP/Ringier as part of their Proxemics series has recently published a collection of his critical writings on other artists.

Courtesy: B. Fallon

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