Art e-Facts 70


Art or Advert

Tim Noble and Sue Webster entered the London art scene in the mid-1990s, just as others of the so-called “Young British Artists” were attracting increasing attention.

The artists are united by their fascination with the mechanics of the media and advertising industries, and by the notion of the young British artist as celebrity. They employ a wide variety of visual styles, combining and confusing the spectacular and the mundane in a manner best described as consistently inconsistent.

Some of their most notable pieces are made from piles of rubbish collected from London streets. A light is projected against the pile, and the shadow on the wall creates an entirely different image, typically of the couple themselves: this is not at all apparent from looking directly at the sculpture itself.

The same technique is used in the current advertising campaign for the John Lewis department stores.

2 thoughts

  1. I think this is a really interesting idea because when you hear ‘pieces are made from piles of rubbish’ it makes you think it might just be an attention ploy like a lot of shock installation pieces but I think that because of the light giving a completley different picture it gives it another dimension and makes you think about the meaning behind art that may on the surface not look like much at all.

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