Big Case at Lauriston Castle

Big Case has been devised and facilitated by a group of MFA students from Edinburgh College of Art. The exhibition is sited in the glasshouse in the grounds of Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh and features the work of 10 artists.

The preserved interior of Lauriston Castle displays an ostentatious array of fine art, applied art and furniture presenting a monument to Edwardian predilections. For the purposes of this exhibition the glasshouse acts as a cipher for the display cases held within the main castle, an enlarged cabinet of curiosities, with the work critically reflecting on notions of collection, display and decoration and all the inherent ideological concerns they raise within the context of contemporary artistic production.

The selected artists have responded to the site with objects, videos, performance and photography toying variously with formal artefacts, the playfully defunct, the sentimentality of the object, period drama, alchemical experiments and romance.

Exhibiting Artists:

Lucy Keany, Veronica Lussier, Peter Morphew, Shelly Nadashi, Jan Pottinger-Glass,
Andrea Roe, Kadie Salmon, Gemma Saville, Joanne Smithers, Damian Troup.

Big Case is open daily from 10am – 4pm until the 13th of August.

Lauriston Castle: Cramond Road South, Edinburgh, EH4 5QD

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