FREE FILM SCREENING: Tomorrow @ Stills Gallery

FREE  Film Screening: Counter Images. GDR Underground Films 1983-1989
Thursday, 12 November 2009  6.30PM

For this special screening curator and filmmaker Claus Löser will present a selection of films which were made in the GDR between 1983 and 1989 by young artists, musicians and writers. At a time when art was subject to state control artists operated outside all official channels, their subversive actions watched closely by the Stasi state security police. As in the West, the GDR had a thriving Super 8 movement which developed out of the D.I.Y. credo of punk and was able to blossom in the small pockets of independent underground culture, providing new forms of expression amid the rigidity of the political climate. Today, many artists of this GDR Super-8 underground scene – including Helge Leiberg, Via Lewandowsky, and Cornelia Schleime – have become well-known figures in the international art world.

A 70 minute programme comprising seven films.

Presented in association with Goethe-Institut Glasgow

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