Graduate Profiles ETC…. Hayley Mathers

It’s Degree Show time again and as always we will doing our best to get round as many shows as possible. This year started with Duncan of Jordanstone (DoJ) College of Art in Dundee where the stand out presentation was by Hayley Mathers. Understandably, we could be accused of bias as Hayley happens to have graduated from the ETC HND in 2007, however media coverage of the shows (see links below) and a 1st Class Honours degree appear to confirm our judgement.

Hayley’s work in the show is thoughtful, well crafted and mature. Her installation brings together a collection of drawn, sculptural and photographic offerings in a series of articulate connections between topics, people and conversations within media.

“The materials that I use in my installations reflect my method of research, which is entirely third hand; from documentaries, film and Internet research (which may be inaccurate). The works I have shown at my degree show intend to present elements of this research and reference their surroundings, bringing together my interest in these topics and a contemporary perspective.”

Hayley joined the HND course at Edinburgh’s Telford College in 2005 directly from high school and made an immediate impact with her considered and energetic approach. She quickly grew in confidence and in 2007 she gained direct entry in to year 2 (Level eight) at DoJ.

“My time at Telford provided me with an excellent background in contemporary art which was invaluable in helping me succeed at art college. As well as meeting a great group of people, the HND course built up my confidence and gave me the skills to develop my practice independently and get the most out of my degree.”

Hayley takes up a post at the National Galleries of Scotland later this month and intends to continue the development of her art practice. We look forward to the results.

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