Art e-Facts 79: Victor Pasmore, The Apollo Pavilion, Peterlee.

Victor Pasmores Apollo Pavilion is a reinforced concerete homage to the Apollo moon landing in 1969. The structure spans a small man made lake connecting the two halves of the Sunny Blunts estate in Peterlee, County Durham. Between 1955 and the 1970’s Pasmore was Consulting Director of Urban Design for the Peterlee Development Corporation, collaborating with architects Peter Daniel & Franc Dixon he contributed to the towns spatial arrangements, road system and open spaces as well as the distinctive aesthetic of the housing.

During the 1980’s the Pavilion fell into dis-repair due to lack of funds and became the focus of vandilism and anti-social behaviour. Despite this and in the face of significant critism, Pasmore remained committed to the structure defending it at a public meeting in 1982. In 2009 the Pavilion underwent major restoration including the rebuilding of the stair providing access to the upper level, refurbishment of the light system and restoration of Pasmores original Mural.

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