Embassy Gallery Presents: New one off performance devised by Alex Hetherington.

Linda Levez Vos Elfriede Skinny Rosemarie Fists Jelinek Comme Antennas Trockel to Fratianne Heaven

To celebrate the end of his solo show ‘Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven’ at the Embassy we are presenting a new one off performance devised by Alex Hetherington.

Rebecca Green and Chris McCann as Mr. And Mrs. Dempsey

A collective response to both his Embassy installation and his recent film – Linda Fratianne – made for the CCA. Using improvisation and a series of spoken set texts it creates a bridge between disparate and abrasive forms that explore conventions of performance, the object, glamour, failure, combat, spectacle, defeat and scripted behaviour.


The Embassy will be open until 7pm on the 31st to give you a final chance to see the show. After the performance we will be heading downstairs to the ROXY Bar for a few Hallowe’en drinks.


This performance is part of the ROXY’s death weekend a celebration of death taking place over the Hallowe’en weekend with various events check www.roxyarthouse.org for details

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