mark milestone anniversary with student takeover

Five years ago this month was launched! The initial intention of our blog was to draw attention to the  new Contemporary Art Practice course which would be launched in the autumn of 2007.

During that time we have made 217 posts and had over 20o,000 hits. Regular readers will have enjoyed a number of innovative developments over the years including Art e-Facts, Art e-Maps, Student Gallery, Staff and Alumni pages  to name just a few.

To mark this milestone in our digital journey together is being ‘occupied’ by course participants both past and present.

The first of our occupiers are Claire Briegel and Kirsty Leonard currently in their 1st year of the course. Claire and Kirsty recently interviewed former HND student and current guest lecturer Benjamin Fallon after his lecture/presentation of Artists moving image work. The interview will be published very soon and followed by content exclusively written, developed or commissioned by Claire and Kirsty.

In the meantime, thank you to all our readers and contributors of the last 5 years!

Note: Future content and the views expressed are those of the individual author/s, interview/s, contributors concerned and are not neccesarily reflective of the blogs owners or its partners. If you have any concerns regarding content then please leave comments in the appropriate comments box.

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