SUN: AIRetc Hayley Mathers at ESW

SUN by Hayley Mathers

Taking inspiration from the work of Henri Matisse the exhibition over 3 days at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop  marked the culmination of the highly successful residency at Edinburgh College Granton for ex student Hayley Mathers.

During the residency, Hayley has researched a range of artists from some of the most influential periods in art history. By repeating their actions and replicating their work, she has gained an understanding of their vision and shared their working methods with the creative industry students. The Edinburgh-based artist, who studied HND Public Art at Edinburgh College, also explored how classical artists continue to inspire illustrators, designers and artists today.

“During my residency at Edinburgh College, I have become really interested in the methods and techniques of learning as an artist. I chose Matisse because I love his use of colour and pattern, particularly in his cut-outs. He cut out shapes from coloured paper and pinned them onto paper until he was happy with his composition. I wanted to step into his shoes to an extent and attempt to understand what it would have been like to approach image-making like this.”

Hayley added:

“The artists in residence programme at Edinburgh College has allowed me to immerse myself in my practice and has been an excellent opportunity to work with both the students and the tutors. I feel privileged to be involved in the students’ creative process and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.”

The images below are from the exhibition opening:

998155_10152173673842649_1538213349_n 12126_10152177991732649_372429228_n 1016404_10152173673757649_2100606106_n 1920185_10152177989467649_1510366530_n 1900008_10152177989412649_2001019133_n 1897938_10152177989212649_1941357712_n 1888572_10152177989557649_292074343_n 1800469_10152177989502649_684682146_n 1780905_10152177989302649_1031270328_n 1689265_10152177991697649_844165388_n

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