Sharing Secrets Festival Collaboration

Last week we were joined by a group of P5 pupils from Dalry Primary Primary School. The school is currently running a creative arts festival for the Dalry & Gorgie area called Sharing Secrets. The school is very keen to establish links with artists and colleges to be part of the festival and approached us about working with our artist in residence, Hazel Powell. The 1st step was for Headteacher Grant Gilles to bring the pupils to see the end of year exhibition at the Granton campus. The group were given a talk and tour by Hazel and a group of CAP2 students. At the end we had a brief workshop discussion about doing a short project for this years festival. Hazel and the CAP students spent last week working together and today is the return visit to the school for a series of creative workshops with the pupils.

More in our next post!

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