In a move designed to highlight the contribution made by immigrants to the Arts in America the Davis Museum at Wellesley College Massachusetts has removed or covered all works in its collection that were made or donated by immigrants to the USA.

“Every permanent collections gallery will be affected by the subtraction of works created by or given to the Museum by an immigrant to the United States,” said Claire Whitner, Assistant Director of Curatorial Affairs and Senior Curator of Collections, and overseer of the project.

“Art-Less demonstrates in stark and indisputable terms the impact of immigration on our collections,” said Lisa Fischman, the Ruth Gordon Shapiro ’37 Director of the Davis, “and we proudly take the opportunity to signal that impact, to honor the gifts of creativity and generosity that make the Davis Museum and the Wellesley community great.”

Sympathetic galleries and museums are invited to join the Davis protest and can print their own labels available to download HERE


Davis Gallery Website

Press Release

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