#CAPetcAlumni Degree Show 17 ECA

Ending on Sunday the Edinburgh College off Art Degree Show which this year features CAPetcAlumni Mariola Albinowska and Anjila Wilson. Both Artist graduated from CAPetc in June 2014 before taking places in the Intermedia and Painting schools.

Mariolas’ work in the Intermedia show is a dual projection. On one wall a traditionally presented apparently still image of a tranquil forrest comes to life with various bodies slowly and purposefully interacting with the wooded scene. On the other side of the room a giant projection of heavily leafed branches sway across 2 wall. Each day a 4pm the space is activated further by the artist and 2 fellow performers who traverse the space at times seeming to replicate the movements of the protagonist of the video but ultimately improvising intuitively with each other as the video and performance become a signal artwork for 20 mins.

img_6131 Itermedia_Mariola_Albinowska


In contrast to the constant movement of the previous work, but with not dissimilar intent, Anjilas work also juxtaposes the apparently permanent with the ephemeral by hand fashioning soil into imperfect, yet beautiful spheres resembling hand sized and timeless relics.

img_6042   img_6043


Mariola Albinowska: http://www.degreeshow.eca.ed.ac.uk/2017/mariola-albinowska

Anjila Wilson: http://www.anjilawilson.com/artworks

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