D I  S   P    E     R       S        A          L:

is a presentation of work that marks the culmination of two years of intense study by nine artists from the HND Contemporary Art Practice Course (CAP) at Edinburgh College.

The exhibition reflects the diverse interdisciplinary skills that participants have developed throughout their time on the course and with the support of lecturers, CAP graduates of 2018 are delighted to present this work in the professional environment of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Dispersal Image

The exhibition includes work by:

Martyna Jakubczak communicates the surrounding world from her perspective; people, everyday compositions and objects and recently has produced work that explores representations that aim to reflect childhood memories of her mother.


Greta Martyniuk is extremely interested in exploring identity and relationships with people and places.  Greta’s work focuses on her family history, heritage and the history of Poland, specifically the horrors of the Second World War.


Rowan Mitchell explores political and personal themes throughout her works. Rowan is passionate about political issues and uses her work as a tool to strike the audience and allow them to grasp a new perspective on the issues she considers very important to contemporary society.


 Victoria Rankin is inspired by current ideas connected to instant gratification and in particular the sex industry and online hardcore pornography. Exploring feelings of touch and sensuality, she hopes to communicate the rise of fetish whilst exploring disconnection from physical connection that seems to be reflected in internet culture.

Instagram: @viktoriarankin

Sophie Templeton has recently focused on themes connected to surveillance and the sensation of being constantly watched. Sophie has made links between horror culture and the societal effects that living in a monitored age has on the general public. http://sophietempletoncap.tumblr.com

Fruzsi Uhlar is interested in the relationship between the body and space and her ideas and inspiration come from observations of the environment. Fruzsi has recently been intrigued by the concept of duality and the relationship between two opposing principles. Instagram: @uhlalafrufru


This exhibition will be open on Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd of June from 10am-5pm at:

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

21 Hawthornvale, Edinburgh EH6 4JT

Contact Details: ESW: 013 1551 4490


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