Thursday 1st November~Don’t feed us bread

Pig Rock Residency Lastest: Dont Feed Us Bread Open today 12-4pm

CAP2 Pigrock Bothy Project

We finished up our work today, putting the finishing touches to our pieces and looking at what we need in time for the exhibition opening tomorrow. Around 2pm Alan arrived at the bothy to take a look around the space and as a group we had to make some decisions on where works would go. The visitors experiences had to be taken into account on a lot of levels, how they can move around the space and if we need everything in the space. I had planned to have a seat in front of my work but removed it as we didn’t have a lot of leg room around and realised that I didn’t need it in the first place. We also had the problem to solve of some works being hidden behind others and trying to make every work be seen or thinking about whether that is ok and…

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