Art e-Facts 83: David Nash

After completing his studies at Kingston, Brighton and Chelsea Scools of Art British Sculptor David Nash moved from London to laenau Ffestiniog in North Wales where he purchased a chapel. Dislocated from the mayhem of London and the urban sprawl the chapel remains both his home and studio.

In 1977 Nash who works primarily in wood, planted a number of Ash saplings on a plot near his home, which became his ‘Laboratory’. The Ash Dome is a place for thinking and developing new works.

The following programme on David Nash is available in the BBC iPlayer.

Art e-Facts 80: David Shrigley, An important message about the arts.

Glasgow based artist David Shrigley has made a short animated film in support of the ‘Save the Arts’ campaign.

The Save the Arts campaign is organised by the London branch of the Turning Point Network, a national consortium of over 2,000 arts organisations and artists dedicated to working together and finding new ways to support the arts in the UK.

The aim of the Save the Arts campaign is to encourage people to sign a petition which will be sent to the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. It points out that it has taken 50 years to create a vibrant arts culture in Britain that is the envy of the world and appeals to the government not to slash arts funding and risk destroying this long-term achievement and the social and economic benefits it brings to all. Source:

Find out more, and sign the petition, at