Private View of XX – Collective at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Tonight in association with Edinburgh’s Telford College are delighted to announce the opening of XX – Collective at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop this evening.

XX – Collective is the first ever HND Contemporary Art Practice Grad Show anywhere in the world and is the culmination of the collective efforts of the qualification development team, teaching staff and most importantly students over the past 4 years.

The exhibition features , painting, video, sculpture, drawing and performance by 9 artists each of whom present their unique view of the world.

Opening at 6pm this evening the exhibition will run daily from 10 – 6 until Wednesday the 3rd June

Art e-Maps ETC…

Screen Capture of Art e-Maps

Screen Capture of Art e-Maps

Here at we always like to let you know which direction things are moving in and whats hot and (sometimes) whats not in the world of contemporary art. To do this we regularly visit museums, galleries, colleges and alternative spaces to bring you up to the minute information and share our experiences. During the last year or so we have visited several spaces in a number of towns and cities in the UK, Europe and the USA; at times it has been tough work but someone has to do it. Often the most problematic thing about making such sorties into the contemporary art world can simply be planning the trip and finding the art. So to help ourselves and our readers we are launching Art e-Maps ETC… which provides a series of online maps marked with the art spaces and places have visited in a particular place. The maps can be found by clicking on the links below or the links in right hand column of the site.

Edinburgh Art e-Map etc…

Glasgow Art e-Map etc…

London Art e-Map etc…

All maps will be updated as appropriate and new maps will be added very soon including Berlin. If you would like to suggest new maps, locations or spaces please contact us using the comments option.

Happy travels


Art e-Facts 2

Marcel Duchamp 1912

In December 2004, Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain was voted the most influential artwork of the 20th century by 500 of the most powerful people in the British art world. This is testimony to the influence of Duchamp’s work, and the mark he has left on the art world.