AIRetc @ Glasgow International 2016

Opening tonight as part of GI2016 current Edinburgh College Artist In Residence Hazel Powell & Contemporary Art Etc graduates Evie Thornton & Georgia Sparkes will  be performing atthe Gorbals Caladonia Road Church as part of Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich’s Circus Between Worlds project. 

Sisters, Evie and Georgia will join Hazel in performing new work by Hazel specially commissioned for the opening evening of the large scale contemporary art performance event.

Walker & Bromwich’s Circus Between Worlds brings together a maverick troupe of artists. Starting it’s life in the ruins of the Iconic Alexander ‘Greek’ Thompson Church on Caledonian Rd in Glasgow, the Circus Between Worlds will appear out of the darkness as if an encampment has arrived in town, bringing with it a bizarre and eclectic collection of performers. A series of performance nights will take shape, hovering somewhere between the first hints of circus performed on village greens in rural France and the sentiment of death metal. The Circus Between Worlds seeks to rekindle the natural sense of awe which we remember from childhood; when fairies and elephants still frequented our doorsteps in dreams. But it does not forget the dark spaces and the nightmares.

Circus Between Worlds is a free-form learning environment, bringing together artists across the spectrum of their creative development, from established artists, recent graduates and students, in a familial frisson of ideas and energies, creating an open framework for pure expression while interrogating the particularity of site.

 Artist including: Walker & Bromwich, Maria Fusco, David Sherry, Francis Thorburn, Jedrzej Cichosz, Urara Tsuchiya, Sion Parkinson, Richard Whitby & Sooyon Kim, La Malle des Indes, Emma Finn, Stasis, Edwin Li, Graham Mack, Susan Mowatt, Frankie Burr, Hazel Powell, Astrid Newman & Francesca Hawker and students from Edinburgh College of Art, Glasgow School of Art and Newcastle University. Lighting by PETER JARSDELL LTD

Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich’s collaborative practice seeks to explore the space between ‘what exists and what is possible’ re-igniting Utopian Ideologies.

The project is hosted and facilitated by WAVEparticle as part of their Open Spaces project. For more details see



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ECA Degree Show 2015 #CAPetcAlumni

This week it was the turn of Edinburgh College of Art to show off the hard work and creativity of their graduates at the 2015 Degree Show.

Once again there was a fantastic representation of Edinburgh College #CAPalumni work across the fine art disciplines of Painting, Sculpture and Intermedia. Congratulations to them all and we look forward to seeing what happens next after a well earned rest!