Uprootal: Grad Show 2019 in pictures

Uprootal Exhibition ESW

We are working on our own posts about the CAP2 Grad Show but here is a nice post by CAP1 colleague Charlene Scott from her fantastic blog that you should all check out and follow!


Charlene Scott

Really enjoyed seeing the work of CAP’s second years outwith the studio and presented so well in the gallery space.  I’m going to miss chatting to them and seeing glimpses of their projects in the installation booths!

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Pigrock Bothy Project – Day 1

As we start our second week in residence at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Arts Pig Rock Bothy you can catch up on what has happened so far on the CAP2 Pig Rock Bothy Project Blog!

CAP2 Pigrock Bothy Project

In the morning we had a tour of the gallery with curator Dan Brown.

Looking at the ‘Now’ exhibitions which included the work of Monster Chetwynd, Monya Flannigan, Henry Coombes, Betye Saar and Wael Shawky.

Monster Chetwynd is the main focal point of the exhibition which included pieces of work in response to the galleries archives collection.

And the other 4 artists connect to the exhibition through challenging the convention in the way they have produced their pieces.

I’m the afternoon we were given the task to write both a descriptive piece of writing about a chosen an artwork as well as a personal reaction, describing why we were drawn to the piece of work and collecting information from the wall description.

We were then given a photograph of people we didn’t know but were known as artists or other celebrities/historical figures. Drawing upon their image we then wrote a…

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Making use of the useless

Great post by CAPetc… colleague Rachel Gilles about the Making use of useless event at EPOCH8

Today was a really good day. I’m enjoying these workshops that are organised by our artist in residence or the artist run space epoch8. I haven’t taken as active role as I would have liked to begin with, but now I’m trying to involve myself in what goes on in the space because it’s exciting and feels like we are actually achieving something. That’s not to say that college doesn’t get me places, it does, but this is something for the good that I want to be a part of that won’t only benefit me, but is already having a positive impact on the community around it. People were coming in throughout the day asking us what we were doing which was really nice, just to know that they are curious and that we could really build something there for everyone to enjoy and participate. To know I was apart…

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