AIRetc.. Calvin Z Laing

Delighted to welcome Calvin Z Laing as our Artist In Residence. Calvin will be with us until July and we’re really looking forward to working with him.

Calvin Z Laing

Calvin on InstaGram

Calvin on Vimeo

Dr Jacqueline Donnachie – Visiting Artist

Jan 2019 we were delighted to welcome Dr Jacqueline Donnachie who gave a wonderful talk on her practice and her fantastic solo ehxibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery. Jacqueline also took time to visit the EPOCH8 gallery project and do a few studio tutorials.

Jacquiline Donnachie


DOK Gone Fishing

50414310_965344613661560_6015135941822251008_n (1)50414310_965344613661560_6015135941822251008_n (1)
We were incredibly sad to hear that DOK Artists Space is being displaced and will no longer function in its current form in the Steel Shed at Ocean Terminal. Olivia Turner and our very own #CAPalumni Karen Fleming have worked incredibly hard to make DOK a significant and essential space on Edinburgh’s cultural map with a variety of exhibitions and events over the years. We thank them for their support of he course and our AIRetc programme and hope they will be able to continue to support the cities early career and future artist / creatives in new and exciting ways!
Go along tonight to the opening of their last show Gone Fishing in the Steel Shed. 

Thursday 1st November~Don’t feed us bread

Pig Rock Residency Lastest: Dont Feed Us Bread Open today 12-4pm

CAP2 Pigrock Bothy Project

We finished up our work today, putting the finishing touches to our pieces and looking at what we need in time for the exhibition opening tomorrow. Around 2pm Alan arrived at the bothy to take a look around the space and as a group we had to make some decisions on where works would go. The visitors experiences had to be taken into account on a lot of levels, how they can move around the space and if we need everything in the space. I had planned to have a seat in front of my work but removed it as we didn’t have a lot of leg room around and realised that I didn’t need it in the first place. We also had the problem to solve of some works being hidden behind others and trying to make every work be seen or thinking about whether that is ok and…

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Monday 29th, relating back to our project

More form the CAP2 Pig Rock Residency

CAP2 Pigrock Bothy Project

At the beginning of the second week in the bothy we were tasked with writing a proposal that would be relevant to everything we had done in the first week but also developing our specialism project we were all involved in. As you can see from the above image, we were all in deep thought this day and quite absorbed in our own projects so we didn’t take a lot of photos!

I can’t speak for everyone but I found it a bit difficult to consolidate what I’d learned in the first week into a proposal for my project. We gathered as a group in the bothy afterwards and had a mini-crit where we voiced what we were proposing to do. We had a discussion about how a proposal can be quite final and box you in sometimes with the idea of it so maybe next time it would be…

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