Course Resources:

The table lists the range of resources available to enrolled CAP students. Please see the IMPORTANT NOTE below the table regarding the mandatory resource fee.

ActivityConsumable MaterialsTools & Equipment
Printmaking:Block printing inks, Screen inks, Lino, Tapes, Paper, Card, Gum strip    Exposure unit, Silk screen’s, Lino cutting tools, Mixing bowls, Palettes, Craft knives, Ink rollers,
Painting:  Acrylic Paints, Specialist paper, Card, Gum Strip, Wooden boards, Canvas, Wood for stretchers, Nails, Staples, Glue, Emulsion paint,Boards, Easels, Brushes, Saws, Staple guns, Hammers,    
3D Sculpture:Wood, Wire, String, Tape, Plaster, Clay, Screws, Nails, Glues, Cable ties, Scrim, Chicken Wire,    Saws, Drills, Screw Drivers, Hammers, Glue Guns, Clay Tools, Wire Cutters, Pliers, Chisels, Mixing bowls, Clamps,  
AV / Digital: Studio based iMacs, Digital compact cameras, Digital SLR cameras, Digital sound recorders, Digital projectors, HD TVs, Cube monitors, Tri Pods and attachments for phone cameras, Slide projectors
Professional Practice / Theory & Context: hubCAP Gallery, Artist Talks /. Visiting Artists External exhibitions  
Studios: CAP only Individual and communal studio space accessible 5 days per week.

As a SAAS funded Higher Education course, the college is not obliged to provide any of the resources listed above for students on HND Courses.

However college is required to provide and supply a suitable learning space / studio during timetabled class time only (currently 15hrs), appropriately qualified staff and a limited amount of specialist equipment (where specified in SQA Unit Descriptors) to help students passing specific course requirements.

The Art & Design Team at Edinburgh College have worked hard to persuade the college to reward the success of the CAP course with our own studio (accessible up to 40hrs per week), a small gallery space run by students and a small annual budget to help maintain and develop standards. However, this is a very small amount and does not get anywhere near covering the costs of maintaining the amount of resources available to HND CAP students.

That is why we ask for a nominal annual contribution to Resource Fees which have been maintained at the same levels of £25 (per semester)* for the last several years.

We hope you will agree that for a relatively small amount you get significant value for money. We hope that you will also understand that by paying the resource fee you will support your own progression and that of your colleagues. Without your contribution it will not be possible to continue to provide the same level of experience.   

*there are two college semesters