Berlin Day 2

After such a long, tiring first day it may have seemed to much to ask for everyone to be up and raring to go by 9am, but up everyone was, even if not altogether awake. So far the most inconvenient if not altogether tiresome aspect of the trip is getting tickets for the trains and trams. The problem is compounded by 2 of the 4 machines in the local station being broken and trhe 3rd not accepting notes. 23 brits paying one at a time does not make for happy locals already late for work. Several missed trains later it was off to Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum fur Gegenwart (Modern Art) Berlin.

As always this made a big impression on the first time visitors. Top tip here is to e-mail or phone ahead and book in as a student group as this exempts the whole group from entrance fees. The main spaces of the museum present an exhibition which uses thematic and surprising dialogues and individual appearances rich in associations to cast works from the Nationalgalerie, the Marx and Marzona Collections as well as the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection.

Highlights included: Rodney Grahams “Torqued Chandelier” 2004. Richard Artschwager’s “Archipeligo”, Robert Kusmirowskis, full scale paper train “Wagon” and “Un jardin d’hiver” by Marcel Broodthaers.

A certain amount of persuasion was required to get everyone out and of to the architecturally stunning Berlin Hauptbahnhoff for a “traditional” German transit lunch.

BK Whoppers don’t take long to scoff so within the hour we were on the rain to Zoo Station on hopping on a bus tour of the city, a little cheesy perhaps but a great way to see the city. All the main sites and history were covered a rather witty tour guide. On return to Zoo the students were left to their own devices and it was off shopping to Ka De We followed by a rather splendid dinner at Café Einstein.

ContemporaryArtETC… student exhibits in City Art Centre

Lex Sumptuaria by Sarah Wilson

An artwork by HND Contemporary Art Practice Year 2 participant Sarah Wilson has been selected for the annual exhibition of Visual Arts Scotland which opened at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh last night. The exhibition offers a rare chance to see some of the best painting, sculpture, printmaking, jewellery, ceramics, glass, textiles, furniture and photography in Scotland all under one roof.

This is a great honour for Sarah who’s work was selected from among 750 submissions many of which were made by professional artists and degree graduates. It is testimony to the quality of the work produced by participants on the ground breaking course at Edinburgh’s Telford College that Sarah is exhibiting in such illustrious company.

The work, which was produced in response to a course brief, is brass plaque mounted on wood with an engraving of the definition of the Lex Sumptuaria an ancient Roman law outlawing the public display of wealth during times of economic hardship.

The exhibition is open daily until 19th March

City Art Centre
2 Market Street. Tel: 0131 529 3993