Collage workshops: Lauren McLaughlin-AIRetc


AIRetc Lauren McLaughlin is currently running a series of workshop looking at the history and development of collage in contemporary art practice since its early beginning in Cubism, Dada through Surrealism and Pop to the work of current artist. In her latest posting on the AIRetc blog Lauren discusses the workshops and presents some of the work she has shared with the CAP1 students.

Art e-Facts 26

According to its proponents, dada was not art — it was “anti-art“. Dada sought to fight art with art. For everything that art stood for, Dada was to represent the opposite. Where art was concerned with aesthetics, Dada ignored aesthetics. If art were to have at least an implicit or latent message, Dada strove to have no meaning — interpretation of Dada is dependent entirely on the viewer. If art is to appeal to sensibilities, Dada is to offend.

It is ironic that Dada became an influential movement in modern art, a commentary on order and the carnage Dadaists believed it wreaked. Through this rejection of traditional culture and aesthetics they hoped to destroy traditional culture and aesthetics.