Telford Graduates Feature in Contemporary Exhibition “Trans Loco”

Nicola Rodger & Jenny Outhwaite “Eat” Me by Jenny Outhwaite “rewinding to Fast Forward” by Lesley Martin “Lessico Familiare” by Francesca Nobilucci

Two graduates from the HND Programme at Edinburgh’s Telford College feature in an exhibition of contemporary art the Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh. Lesley Martin and Nicola Rodger graduated from Edinburgh’s Telford College (ETC) in 2004 before gaining direct entry to the 2nd year degree at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA).

“Trans Loco” brings together the works of four artists who graduated form ECA earlier this year. All four artists have worked collaboratively in the past and and are close friends sharing ideas through discussion and practice whilst also developing their personal interests.

List of Artists:

Lesley Martin, Francesca Nobilucci, Jenny Outhwaite, Nicola Rodger.

The exhibition is open daily at the Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, until the 28th of November

The exhibition is presented by the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop