Art e-Facts 76:

Killer to sleep with fishes in controversial art installation:


A convicted murderer is to be turned into a work of art should his final appeal against his sentence fail. Gene Hathorn (above), an inmate on death row convicted in 1985 of murdering his father, step-mother, and step-brother will be frozen, turned into fish food for hundreds of goldfish. Visitors to the exhibit will be asked to feed the occupants of a giant aquarium placed in a gallery . Copenhagen based artist Marco Everistti is continuing negotiations with American lawyers and an undisclosed company willing to help turn Hathorns remains into fish food.

Everistti, who is helping to fund Hathorn’s final appeal through the sale of drawings; made by the killer in jail; aims to raise awareness of state sanctioned execution in Western civilisation. The artists previous works have presented the audience with equally difficult questions and dilemas relating to their participation in the works. In 2000 he exhibited food blenders filled with water and goldfish (above) and invited visitors to switch the blenders on and in 2007 he held a dinner party where guests were served meatballs made with fat removed from his own body during a liposuction procedure.

source: The Art Newspaper: Clemens Bomsdorf