Bothy Residency at SNGMA

In late September #CAPetcY2 undertook a 5 day residency in the Pig Rock Bothy at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Located within the grounds of the gallery Pig Rock Bothy is the 3rd of 3 residency spaces developed and produced as part of the ongoing Bothy Project. Having the opportunity to develop and produce work in such a prestigious location was daunting for all of us but despite what felt like significant pressure to make productive use of the space a decision was made to take creative risks and adopt a fluid and responsive approach to the residency.

A loose skeletal plan was developed by staff for each of the 5 days with each day beginning and ending with a group discussion around the table in the bothy. This allowed for the days activities to be developed collaboratively and for reflection of the days events. It was quickly established that the source for the weeks work would be the location, context and content of the gallery. The resources provided were purposely limited and basic in order to reflect the residency experience the bothy will offer when relocated thus stretching the participants to produce innovative and creative responses. Throughout the week a variety of group and individual responses were made to exhibits in the gallery including, sculpture, drawing, photographs, creative writing, installation and performance.

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On day 5 the residency culminated with a full day of installations, performances and presentations developed over the week all of which were open to the public. The particular highlight for all the participants was the performances made in response to the works in the galleries by Charles Avery, Graham Fagen, Roderick Buchanan, Lucy McKenzie and Ross Sinclair which were performed live in an around the works often to the delighted surprise of the public who believing they were in a particularly busy room of fellow contemporary art enthusiasts found themselves in the middle of a live performances examining the nature of art and our relationships with it.

The entire week was thoroughly documented, some of which is shown on this post but much, much more including sound recordings and video documentation can be found on the tumblr blog created by the CAP2:

We would like to thank the Scottish National Galleries, The Bothy Project and in particular Julie-Ann Delaney Curator at SNGMA for supporting and facilitating the project.

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Glasgow born artist Ross Sinclair has described his work as “a lifetime project that aims to engage as wide an audience as possible in a dialogue around the paradoxical gaps between life as it is lived by a society of individuals, and the aspirations afforded by ‘spectacular life’ as we absorb it through mediated images of ourselves and everything around us – in other words, it’s ourselves alone versus the world.”

Sinclair’s ‘Real Life’ has been unfolding since 1994 when he had the words Real Life tattooed on his back confirming a lifetime commitment to the project. With works such as ‘Studio Real Life’, ‘Real Life Rocky Mountain’, ‘Dead Church/Real Life’ and ‘I Love Real Life’, Sinclair has sought to open a new space in which to observe and discuss our relationships with the institutional pillars that form the architecture of all our lives. By doing so he has slowly begun to construct a parallel vision of society and its component parts. His is a vision of the world, “not as it is, but as it could be.”

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