Tutorials at GSA

Over the last few years we have been developing a successful relationship with the Sculpture & Environmental Art (SEA) dept at Glasgow School of Art. There are a lot of #exCAPers currently studying across years 2,3 & 4 and several have graduated from SEA in recent years. Last year Jennie and I spent a day in dept discussing applications, progression, course structures and participating in Year 2 crits which was a fantastic opportunity for us to benchmark the courses and establish closer ties.

Last week we returned along with 5 current CAP2 students who have applied to GSA SEA for next year. In the morning we took part in Year 2 project tutorials which included Subie and Shareen who graduated from CAP last year.

After lunch we went to  695 Gallery which is within the site of the 3rd Year Public Art Project. The students including #exCAPer Heather Lane, were hanging their exhibition and we were able to discuss some of the projects and find out more about the 3rd year course.

Finally we went with Heather and Elizabeth, our fantastic host, to the Savoy shopping centre to see G-Unit a fantastic public engagement project /programme by another #exCAPer, Rachel Simpson and her collaborative partner Hannan Jones. During the project G-Unit is running a series of workshops including screenings and book binding / production.

It was a fantastic day and great so see and hear how well all our former CAP colleagues are getting on at GSA and we look forward to seeing how their work continues to progress.


Bothy Residency at SNGMA

In late September #CAPetcY2 undertook a 5 day residency in the Pig Rock Bothy at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Located within the grounds of the gallery Pig Rock Bothy is the 3rd of 3 residency spaces developed and produced as part of the ongoing Bothy Project. Having the opportunity to develop and produce work in such a prestigious location was daunting for all of us but despite what felt like significant pressure to make productive use of the space a decision was made to take creative risks and adopt a fluid and responsive approach to the residency.

A loose skeletal plan was developed by staff for each of the 5 days with each day beginning and ending with a group discussion around the table in the bothy. This allowed for the days activities to be developed collaboratively and for reflection of the days events. It was quickly established that the source for the weeks work would be the location, context and content of the gallery. The resources provided were purposely limited and basic in order to reflect the residency experience the bothy will offer when relocated thus stretching the participants to produce innovative and creative responses. Throughout the week a variety of group and individual responses were made to exhibits in the gallery including, sculpture, drawing, photographs, creative writing, installation and performance.

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On day 5 the residency culminated with a full day of installations, performances and presentations developed over the week all of which were open to the public. The particular highlight for all the participants was the performances made in response to the works in the galleries by Charles Avery, Graham Fagen, Roderick Buchanan, Lucy McKenzie and Ross Sinclair which were performed live in an around the works often to the delighted surprise of the public who believing they were in a particularly busy room of fellow contemporary art enthusiasts found themselves in the middle of a live performances examining the nature of art and our relationships with it.

The entire week was thoroughly documented, some of which is shown on this post but much, much more including sound recordings and video documentation can be found on the tumblr blog created by the CAP2: http://etccapbothy.tumblr.com

We would like to thank the Scottish National Galleries, The Bothy Project and in particular Julie-Ann Delaney Curator at SNGMA for supporting and facilitating the project.

Art e-Facts 83: David Nash

After completing his studies at Kingston, Brighton and Chelsea Scools of Art British Sculptor David Nash moved from London to laenau Ffestiniog in North Wales where he purchased a chapel. Dislocated from the mayhem of London and the urban sprawl the chapel remains both his home and studio.

In 1977 Nash who works primarily in wood, planted a number of Ash saplings on a plot near his home, which became his ‘Laboratory’. The Ash Dome is a place for thinking and developing new works.

The following programme on David Nash is available in the BBC iPlayer.


Telford College Partner in The Big Arts Give Christmas Challenge 2010

Telford College and Contemporary Art Practice partner Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (ESW) is one of only six Scottish charities selected to participate in the Big Arts Give Christmas Challenge, UK-wide campaign supported by the Scottish Government and Arts & Business which aims to raise £3m in total by increasing the incentives for supporting the arts.

Until Friday 31 December, all donations made through the Big Arts Give website will help ESW raise funds for the New Sculpture Centre

The Big Idea

To create a purpose-built sculpture centre in Edinburgh providing the facilities and services needed by artists to support them at all stages in their careers and to provide a valuable public resource which will enable people of all ages and ability to learn about contemporary sculpture.

ContemporaryArtETC.. has a long standing and highly productive partnership with ESW allowing our learners to produce and exhibit work in a professional, supportive and highly respected organisation. The new purpose built sculpture centre, the only one of its kind in the UK, will allow us to take the partnership to to a new level and we need your help to make it happen and secure this exciting future.

A limited number of donations and match funded and all money raised will go towards the cost of building the new sculpture centre.

If you would like to support Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop please make your donation through the Big Arts Give website by following the link below:

Big Arts Give Christmas Challenge

Edinburgh’s Telford College launches Artist In Residence Programme

The Art & Design Team at Edinburgh’s Telford College are delighted to launch an innovative Artist in Residence programme with the announcement of our first participant, Stephanie Cairns.

The Artist in Residence programme (AIRetc…) is an innovative scheme which provides recently graduated / professional artist and designers with a dedicated studio space within the Art & Design dept as well as access to specialist resources and facilities.

Stephanie, a former student on the Art & Design Foundation and HND courses here at Telford, graduated in July from Edinburgh College of Arts Sculpture School with 1st Class Honours and will start her 12 week residency with us immediately. As well as giving Stephanie the opportunity to interact with learners in the studios she will also develop a new body of work for an up coming show at the National Gallery of Modern Art in January.

Talking about the opportunity Stephanie said “I am delighted to have been invited to be  Telfords first ever Artist In Residence and I am looking forward to the opportunity to  develop and share my work and practice in a creative and supportive environment.

The motivational and inspirational tutoring I received at Telford while studying instilled a strong work ethic, which allowed me to achieve my goals, and I hope that my time here will help do the same for others.”

Although such schemes already exist at primary, secondary and HE education levels this is the first of its kind in the Scottish FE sector and will allow learners and lecturers alike to observe and interact with current practioners.

Art & Design Curriculum Manager, Colette Woods, said: “This is a very exciting development for the team and our learners. It will provide an opportunity for learners to have direct access to and contact with professional contemporary practitioners who are developing new bodies of work as well as offering recent graduates the chance to gain valuable experience of working in a dynamic, professional learning and teaching environment.”

The AIRetc… programme is open to practicing Artists who have previously studied Art & Design at Edinburgh’s Telford College. The selection and support of the artists in residence will be undertaken by the AIRetc.. committee which is made up of a cross section of staff from the Art & Design team.

As part of the programme AIR participants will publish regular blog postings at www.airetc.wordpress.com.