Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop @ WASPs presents: Lyndsay Mann and Ewan Robertson

Lynsay Mann & Ewan Robertson

TBG&S Installation, Dublin 2008 Casimir in Monoceros, 2007

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop presents a two person exhibition featuring new work by Edinburgh based artists Lyndsey Mann & Ewan Robertson will open tomorrow night 13th Novemebr at Patriothall Gallery, Stockbridge.

Lyndsay Mann and Ewan Robertson share a sensibility in their approach to materials, each following diverse areas of research which leads to both multi-disciplinary processes and practice.

This new recent work by Ewan Robertson further explores interests in physicality: it’s material nature; constituents; fabric and status lying somewhere between the experiential and the physical, between object and installation. Drawn together from individual strands as diverse as mechanical music, the LA coastline, vehicles and props in non-violent action, linear systems / events / narratives, the work has a slow-burn feel and has almost self-formed into a singular sense or entity speaking about presence, silence and shadow. Like a newly uttered visual sentence it seems caught perpetually in the moment before thought condenses and meaning is fixed. It feels like a momentary clearing in fog that quietly subsumes but shows light traces of its tangential origins.

Lyndsay Mann’s work explores the most fundamental aspects of our experience: desire and dread, faith and futility. She follows simultaneously intuitive and pragmatic routes within her enquiries, often employing labour intensive processes in her work; using simple and inexpensive materials to suggest an environment of appropriation and a submission to process, manipulating familiar materials removed from their common context simulates a ritual. Mann’s writing, which is integral to her practice, falls somewhere between a manifesto and a self-help text, taking the form of suggested hypotheses or personal statements, neither definitive nor absolute. Abstracted from larger texts, she creates mantra-style sound bites within the works. Most recently she has developed this through sound recording during her residency at Stills gallery.
For Mann, combining multi-dimensional elements of her practice creates a dialogue which the viewer interrupts and becomes party to, assigned a role within the created dynamic to produce event, experience, and witness.

Opening: Thursday 13th November 6-8pm

Dates: 14th-30th November
Exhibition open: Thursdays to Sundays only
Opening times: Thursdays & Fridays 12-6pm, Saturdays and Sundays 12-5pm

There will be an artists’ talk on Sunday 23rd November from 2-3pm at WASPS, Patriothall.

Entry to the exhibition and talk is free.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop at WASPS, Patriothall in Stockbridge.
WASPS, 1D Patriothall, Off Hamilton Place
Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 5AY