2|1|4|1 Call for submissions for drawing exhibition:

Scottish artist collective 2|1|4|1 presents Draw In, an exhibition exploring the role of drawing in emerging contemporary art practice.

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Venue – St Margarets House Edinburgh
Deadline – May 31st
Exhibition dates – 8 – 31st July 2014

Taking inspiration from and responding to such sources as The Fruitmarket Gallery’s 2009 Exhibition “The end of the line: Attitudes in Drawing”, publications such as “Vitamin D : New Perspectives in Drawing” and David Shrigley’s 2013 Turner Prize installation, 2|1|4|1 invites participants to consider the role of drawing in their own contemporary art practice.

We wish to explore the transformation of the medium of drawing within the quotidian workings of early career artists today. In a time when numerous artists are subverting the traditional concept of drawing and/or its role to serve their practices, we wish to conduct a critical examination of the expanded medium of drawing in its widest sense. The programme will showcase a diverse range of early career artists’ practice-based productions and specific reactions to this theme.

For more details go to the 2|1|4|1 website: http://2-1-4-1.com/Draw-In-Call-For-Submissions

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