Art e-Facts 50

In 1921 Marcel Duchamp decided to launch a perfume. The bottle was to be a ‘false’ replica of the Rigaud brand perfume bottle that was available in the shops. The original label was modified by Duchamp by adding the face of Rrose Selavy (see fact of the day 18) Duchamp then instructed Man Ray to create a photomontage for the label to read BELLE HALEINE / Eau de Voilette (translated as Beautiful Breath: Veil Water). The perfume which was to be launched in Paris and New York had the company logo RS – New York – Paris. Duchamp then decided against the venture and the resulting false replica of the real Rigaud bottle (almost a reversed ready-made) has become one of the most precious ready-made objects of this period, authored by both Duchamp and Man Ray.

Courtesy: D. McLachlan

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