Monday 29th, relating back to our project

More form the CAP2 Pig Rock Residency

CAP2 Pigrock Bothy Project

At the beginning of the second week in the bothy we were tasked with writing a proposal that would be relevant to everything we had done in the first week but also developing our specialism project we were all involved in. As you can see from the above image, we were all in deep thought this day and quite absorbed in our own projects so we didn’t take a lot of photos!

I can’t speak for everyone but I found it a bit difficult to consolidate what I’d learned in the first week into a proposal for my project. We gathered as a group in the bothy afterwards and had a mini-crit where we voiced what we were proposing to do. We had a discussion about how a proposal can be quite final and box you in sometimes with the idea of it so maybe next time it would be…

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